About EPICompliance

About EPICompliance

EPICompliance and EPICompliance.com is the product of over 40 combined years of practical legal, medical and healthcare/occupational regulatory experience. We are a specialist firm in high risk industry consulting, compliance, risk management and human resources.

Our products are gathered from compliance and process consultants who are the foremost experts in their fields and who have actually worked in these fields and defended those accused of violations.

Preparation is the key. With the massive and sometimes overlapping regulatory requirements facing businesses there is no way for one person to cover “all the bases.”

This is what we do for you: from simple human resources tasks/agreements (that may seem ridiculous at first – but are the saving grace in a privacy breach…) to healthcare, HIPAA and HIPAA Business Associate/Covered Entity policies and procedures (that must be up to date).

Remember that there is only going to be greater regulatory scrutiny in the future –
Be Ready and Be Responsive.

Inspiring Trust
We are here to help evaluate and explain - not to push a product with no relevance or value. If we cannot provide a service that will be beneficial to you and your business, we will tell you. The onerous government regulation attached to health care are unavoidable - you should not have to worry about it. Our Mission: Allow you to have more time to work for your success and deliver great service to your patients, customers and clients.